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SIMPLE brand episode 28: Josh Linkner - Big Little Breakthroughs

SIMPLE brand #28: Josh Linkner - Big Little Breakthroughs


In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast
 I talk with Josh Linkner about his latest book, Big Little Breakthroughs: How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results

We tend to associate innovation with tech giants like Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon or others. And we tend to think that a small percentage of the population drives innovation and that innovation comes through big technical breakthroughs.

But that’s simply not true. In fact, , a study from Harvard shows that 72% of the United States’ GDP comes from little ideas - from everyday people creating everyday innovations.

It turns out, everyone has the ability to be creative and has the ability to create innovations - innovations in their customer experience, innovations in their own internal work, and even innovations in their personal life.

The challenge comes in that most people don't even recognize their ability to be creative and they don’t understand how to exercise or hone their creative thinking skills.

That’s why I’m glad to talk with Josh Linkner in this episode. Josh is the number one most booked innovation keynote speaker. He’s a professional level jazz guitarist. And he’s a New York Times bestselling author of multiple books with his latest book coming out today: Big Little Breakthroughs: How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results.

Josh dispels the myth that innovation comes from big tech companies or from super-smart geeks in hoodies off in some secret tech lab. In fact, everyone - including you and your team, has the ability to be innovative and creative. Josh and I discuss this along with key habits and exercises to help you and your team create your own breakthroughs and create innovations that will exponentially help your business.







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