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The Easter Egg Hunt Strategy to Help Your Brand Stand Out


Easter’s here, and things aren’t quite back to “normal” yet so there aren’t many Easter egg hunts out there. Thankfully, my kids have outgrown Easter egg hunts so they’re okay with that.


Over the years, I did learn a pretty valuable brand lesson from watching egg hunts.


Most every Easter egg hunt that my kids took part in had one special, golden egg with a big surprise. And that surprise was usually pretty nice - a $10 bill, a Chick-fil-A gift card, a pack of Pokemon cards - something that made this one egg a treasure compared to the hundreds of other candy-filled eggs.


And the golden egg was almost always hidden somewhere completely different from where most of the other eggs were hidden. And that’s usually how the “winner” found the golden egg. When everyone else went searching for eggs in one direction, this kid searched in the other direction. When everyone zigged, the winner zagged.

(I wasn't even trying to find the golden egg. I was just happy to be there!)

In a distracted, competitive, crowded world it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out. If you want to stand out today, it starts with your brand. And the strongest, standout brands are the ones that are different from all the others. The solution? When everyone zigs, you zag.


And the simplest way for you to zag is to look at what everyone else is doing and do something different. Really, truly different.


Too many times, when people say they want to differentiate their brands they talk about adding new features, providing a faster service, offering a lower price or rebranding their logo (🤦 don’t even get me started on that one!). But these efforts aren’t really about being different. They’re simply about being better. And when you take efforts to simply be better you only achieve “better” for a short-term period until somebody else comes along with......................something better. 


Being better may get you noticed, but usually for just a brief amount of time. And then you’re likely forgotten. Being different may not get everyone to like you, but I can guarantee that it will bring you loyal fans. And I can guarantee that you’ll be remembered.


Being better is temporary. Being different is long-term. Like Sally Hogshead says, “Different is better than better.”


So what does that look like? Instead of trying to outdo your competition, focus on what already makes you different. Or find a way to be different, and then highlight that in everything you do. Sometimes even the slightest difference is enough to help you stand out.


Still not sold on the idea of different? Still think that only applies to a select few types of brands or industries? Still think that your situation is one where you know your brand’s best opportunity is to simply be better than your competitors?


How about ice cream? If you were to start an ice cream brand what would you do? Most people would want to create the highest quality flavors - something better than all the other ice creams. But not Melissa Tavss. She decided to make her ice cream, Tipsy Scoop, stand out by being different. How different? Well, all of Tipsy Scoop’s flavors are infused with alcohol. Why offer a better (boring) vanilla when you can offer Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel? And was Melissa’s different idea successful? Today Tipsy Scoop has multiple retail locations, is sold online and through online retailers like Goldbelly, is sold in brick and mortar retailers like Whole Foods, employs over 50 team members and generates multiple millions in income annually. All from deciding to create different ice cream instead of better ice cream.


Well how about baseball? If you owned a baseball team what would you do to increase fan attendance? Most people would decide to offer more comfortable seating, a nice upgraded stadium, better food. But not Jesse Cole and the Savannah Bananas. Jesse decided to offer the Savannah Banana fans something different than every other baseball experience. But how can you be different in baseball? It’s just baseball, right? Not when you have a breakdancing first base coach, not when the team owner runs around greeting fans in the stadium all while he’s dressed in a neon yellow tux, not when you let fans catch foul balls for outs.  


The Savannah Bananas are the epitome of different. “Our whole mindset is: Whatever is normal, try to do the exact opposite,” Cole said.


Okay, but are the Savannah Bananas just a gimmick? Did these shenanigans actually help significantly increase attendance? Yes, yes they did. In fact, they’ve sold out every single game since their inaugural year in 2016, and the waiting list for season tickets numbers in the thousands. Beyond that, they have a raving fanbase across all 50 U.S. states consistently buying Bananas merchandise.


Hopefully it’s now clear to you that there’s significant value in being different.


When it comes to your brand strategy, you’ve got a couple of options you can bet on. I suggest you double down on different.


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